WELZH 2pc Ratchet Mate™ 3/8”dr 230mm & 280mm 3990-WW 3990WW

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Ratchet Mate™ 3/8”dr 230 / 280mm Long Set 2-Piece
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Special Pull Back Design:
This unique design means the ratchet is far more efficient than a conventional ratchet, spanner or other wrench having enormous benefits in tight spaces & when loose or awkward nuts & bolts are found.

Two Finger Pull Mechanism:
Simply hold the ratchet as usual and place your two fingers over & under the sides of the ratchet. Pulling these sides up with your fingers will allow the ratchet to turn the socket/bolt whilst keeping the ratchet stable.

Firm & Secure Use:
No need to swing the ratchet from side to side, simply pull up the sides to ratchet easily. Makes this a compact and reliable tool.

Other Specifications:
48 Teeth Push-Through Square Drive Ratchet Mechanism.
Patented Pull-Back Drive Action.
Cr-Mo Drive Gear and Cr-V Body.
Two-finger operation


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