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THINKCAR Euro Expert TPMS – Oscilloscope – Multimeter

£2,850.00 + VAT


Introducing the THINKTOOL Euro Expert, a professional diagnostic tool that offers exceptional performance and versatility. With its 12-inch display and powerful 3-IN-One THINKDIAG 3 VCI, this diagnostic tool provides comprehensive diagnostics and a wide range of advanced functions.

The Euro Expert boasts an impressive list of features and functionalities. From A/F reset to High Voltage Battery Diagnostics, this tool covers it all. It supports 35 maintenance reset functions, ensuring that you can efficiently perform tasks such as AdBlue reset, DPF regeneration, SAS reset, TPMS reset, and much more. With its powerful online programming function, you can access OE-level diagnostic capabilities for popular car makes like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, VW, and others.

Equipped with the 3-IN-One THINKDIAG VCI, the Euro Expert offers additional functionalities such as oscilloscope and multi-meter functions. This allows for more comprehensive diagnostic analysis and testing. The tool also comes with intelligent TPMS service module and 4 TPMS sensors, ensuring accurate and efficient TPMS service. Furthermore, the Euro Expert includes a 2-channel oscilloscope and multi-meter accessories, providing even more diagnostic capabilities.

For enhanced convenience and flexibility, the Euro Expert can be equipped with optional accessories such as a printer, thermal imager, work light, and video scope. These additional tools further expand the functionality of the diagnostic tool, allowing you to perform tasks more efficiently and effectively.

The Euro Expert is also compatible with THINKCAR’s ADAS equipment, enabling accurate ADAS calibrations. This ensures that you can confidently perform calibrations for advanced driver assistance systems, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the vehicles you work on.

With its robust set of features, advanced functionalities, and compatibility with various accessories and equipment, the THINKTOOL Euro Expert is a powerful diagnostic tool that meets the needs of professional technicians. Whether you require full vehicle diagnostics, special functions, online programming, or ADAS calibrations, the Euro Expert has you covered.

Invest in the THINKTOOL Euro Expert and elevate your diagnostic capabilities to new heights. Experience the convenience, reliability, and efficiency of this professional diagnostic tool and take your automotive diagnostics to the next level.


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