WELZH Carbon Crusher™ Walnut Carbon Cleaner 291219-WW 291219WW

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291219-WW – The Welzh Carbon Crusher™ is designed to remove carbon deposits in the intake section and intake valves of the combustion engines.

The Carbon Crusher™ sprays walnut sand into the engine inlet pipe at an extremely high pressure which clears and removes all of the carbon deposit from the inlet effectively.

Comes complete with Universal Vacuum Adaptors to cover 99% of all branded vehicles.

Fast and Effective removal of the carbon deposits in the inlet sections.

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The Welzh Carbon Crusher is a revolutionary solution designed specifically for the removal of stubborn carbon deposits in the intake section and intake valves of combustion engines. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, this innovative tool ensures optimal engine performance and longevity.

Using an advanced walnut sand spraying mechanism, the Carbon Crusher effectively and efficiently clears away carbon deposits from the engine’s inlet pipe. With an unprecedented high-pressure delivery system, it guarantees a thorough and comprehensive cleansing process, leaving the intake section pristine and carbon-free.

To enhance its versatility, the Carbon Crusher comes equipped with Universal Vacuum Adaptors, catering to a staggering 99% coverage of all branded vehicles. This means that regardless of the make or model, this exceptional tool is capable of seamlessly integrating into any automotive maintenance routine.

What sets the Carbon Crusher apart from traditional carbon removal methods is its unparalleled speed and effectiveness. With the ability to clean up to 8 times faster than conventional tools, it significantly reduces the time and effort required for the carbon removal process. Moreover, this innovative solution eliminates the need for disassembling the cylinder head, further streamlining the maintenance process.

Not only does the Carbon Crusher excel in performance, but it also prioritizes energy efficiency. With low power consumption and compatibility with compressed air systems, it optimizes resource usage while achieving outstanding results. Additionally, this cutting-edge tool is committed to environmental sustainability, as it eliminates the use of harmful chemical additives that may pollute the ecosystem.

Operating the Carbon Crusher is a breeze, and its results are long-lasting. The included assortment of jet lances enhances its versatility, catering to various carbon removal needs. Furthermore, the package includes essential accessories such as a filter, filter cartridge, sieve, sand blast gun, safety goggles, sand suction hose connector, 5 adaptors, and 2 bags of walnut sand. This comprehensive set ensures that users have all the necessary components to begin their carbon removal journey immediately.

In conclusion, the Welzh Carbon Crusher is a game-changing tool that revolutionizes carbon deposit removal in combustion engines. With its advanced technology, impressive efficiency, and user-friendly design, it sets a new standard in automotive maintenance. Say goodbye to carbon-related performance issues and embrace the future of engine care with the Carbon Crusher.

1 review for WELZH Carbon Crusher™ Walnut Carbon Cleaner 291219-WW 291219WW

  1. Pete

    Glad I took Luke’s advise on this as I had never heard of it Now I’m doing for other garages . Earning good money.

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