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THINKCAR Reader 7 Scan Tool Thinktool

£295.00 + VAT

THINKTOOL Reader 7 is a 5 inch android system diagnostic tool produced by THINKCAR. Offers lifetime subscription for mechanics, repair shops and DIY. 90% car makes in the market have 7 systems, ABS,SRS,ECM,TCM,BCM,AC and IC. THINKTOOL Readers 7 is developed be more cost effective and support all the 7 systems diagnostics.

Experience the Power of THINKTOOL Reader 7 : The Ultimate Android System Diagnostic Tool

THINKTOOL Reader 7, a remarkable 5-inch Android system diagnostic tool developed by THINKCAR, is here to revolutionize the way mechanics, repair shops, and DIY enthusiasts approach vehicle diagnostics. With a lifetime subscription offer, this tool provides access to comprehensive diagnostic capabilities that will meet all your automotive needs.

Covering 90% of car makes in the market, the Reader 7 is specifically designed to address the diagnostic requirements of the seven major systems found in most vehicles: ABS, SRS, ECM, TCM, BCM, AC, and IC. By focusing on these key systems, THINKTOOL Reader 7 offers an optimized and cost-effective solution without compromising on diagnostic performance.

One of the standout features of the Reader 7 is its extensive range of maintenance reset functions. With support for 28 maintenance reset functions, this tool empowers technicians and DIY enthusiasts to perform tasks such as Oil Reset, AFS (headlamp) Reset, Brake-pad Reset, Windows Calibration, Steering Angle Reset, Seat Calibration, Battery Matching, Tyre Reset, ABS Bleeding, Language Reset, Elec. Throttle Adaption, A/F Reset, Sunroof Initialization, DPF Regeneration, EGR Adaption, Immobilize Reset, Coolant Reset, Injector Reset, Transport Reset, Airbag Reset, ODO Reset, Gear Learning, Adblue Reset, SUS Reset, NOX Reset, A/T Learning, Stop/Start Reset, Basic TPMS Reset, and more. For additional reset functions, users have the flexibility to choose any seven from the list, with each additional reset available at $29.95.

THINKTOOL Reader 7 combines a user-friendly interface, efficient performance, and a compact design. Its intuitive Android operating system ensures seamless navigation and easy access to diagnostic functions. The 5-inch display provides clear and concise data visualization, allowing for quick and accurate analysis of diagnostic information.

When it comes to vehicle diagnostics, accuracy and reliability are paramount. That’s why the Reader 7 is built with top-of-the-line components and advanced technology to deliver precise results every time. With its exceptional diagnostic capabilities and solid construction, this tool is a reliable partner for tackling complex automotive issues.

In conclusion, THINKTOOL Reader 7 is the ultimate Android system diagnostic tool that offers comprehensive diagnostics, extensive maintenance reset functions, and a user-friendly experience. With its lifetime subscription offer and support for the seven key vehicle systems, this tool is a cost-effective solution for mechanics, repair shops, and DIY enthusiasts. Unlock the power of THINKTOOL Reader 7 and take your vehicle diagnostics to new heights.


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