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THINKCAR TPMS T-Wand 100 Professional TPMS

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Integrated TPMS Activation Programming and Relearn Function

The THINKCAR TPMS T-Wand 100 is an innovative and professional TPMS service tool designed to simplify the TPMS programming and relearn process. Developed by THINKCAR, this advanced tool combines TPMS activation, programming, and relearn functions in a single device, making it a must-have for automotive technicians and tire service professionals.

With the T-Wand 100, users can effortlessly activate and program TPMS sensors without the need for additional equipment. Equipped with four TPMS S1 sensors, this tool offers compatibility with 315MHz and 431MHz dual-frequency sensors, covering a wide range of OE sensors available in the market. This ensures that technicians can effectively replace and program sensors for nearly 99% of vehicles with TPMS systems.

One of the features of the T-Wand 100 is its user-friendly interface and intuitive operation. Technicians can easily navigate the tool’s menu and access the TPMS activation, programming, and relearn functions with just a few simple steps. This eliminates the need for complex procedures and reduces the chances of errors during the TPMS service process.

The T-Wand 100 provides accurate and reliable results, ensuring seamless TPMS sensor activation and programming. By utilizing the built-in sensors and powerful technology, this tool ensures precise communication and synchronization with the vehicle’s TPMS system. Technicians can confidently perform TPMS-related tasks, knowing that the T-Wand 100 delivers accurate data and consistent performance.

Moreover, the T-Wand 100 is designed to be compact, portable, and durable, making it ideal for both workshop and on-the-go applications. Its robust construction ensures longevity, while its ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip during operation. This allows technicians to efficiently perform TPMS service tasks in various work environments.

The THINKCAR TPMS T-Wand 100 is an innovative and reliable TPMS service tool that simplifies the activation, programming, and relearn processes. With its integrated functions and compatibility with a wide range of OE sensors, this tool empowers technicians to provide efficient and accurate TPMS services. By investing in the T-Wand 100, automotive professionals can enhance their TPMS capabilities, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure optimal tire safety and performance.


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