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THINKCAR X10 Remote Programming Tool Video – Call – Text

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The Thinkcar ThinkTool X10 offers a combination of diagnostic data, voice, and video in one tool. The X10 can be utilized with other X10 tools or with a desktop computer for remote diagnostics. The upgraded processor allows for simultaneous processing of video, voice, and diagnostic data. The X10 can be used as a standalone diagnostic tool or as a Pass-Thru from a remote location. Designed for professional technicians, the X10 features a large 10” touchscreen, easy navigation menus, full system access, 35 maintenance resets, J2534, D-PDU/RP 1210 support (online programming), bidirectional communication, and topological graphing. Coverage includes import and domestic passenger cars, plus heavy duty vehicles.

Introducing the THINKTOOL X10, a powerful dual remote diagnostic tool that revolutionizes the way repair shops and automotive technicians perform diagnostics. With its video remote capabilities, the X10 allows technicians to make video calls, send voice/text messages, and remotely diagnose customer vehicles using the THINKCAR or other brand tools.

The ThinkTool X10 combines diagnostic data, voice communication, and video streaming into a single tool. It can be used alongside other X10 tools or connected to a desktop computer for seamless remote diagnostics. With its upgraded processor, the X10 enables simultaneous processing of video, voice, and diagnostic data, providing technicians with real-time insights for efficient troubleshooting.

Designed with professional technicians in mind, the X10 features a large 10″ touchscreen display and intuitive navigation menus for easy operation. It offers full system access, including 35 maintenance resets, J2534 support, D-PDU/RP 1210 support for online programming, bidirectional communication, and topological graphing. The X10 covers a wide range of vehicles, including import and domestic passenger cars, as well as heavy-duty vehicles.

One of the standout features of the X10 is its OE diagnosis capability. It operates based on the original manufacturer’s diagnosis equipment, providing access to original readout protocols and unique functions for guided diagnoses. This ensures accurate and reliable results, empowering technicians to effectively address vehicle issues.

The X10 also excels in programming modules, allowing for online programming on popular vehicle brands such as BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Smart, Nissan, Renault, Subaru, Landrover, Jaguar, Hyundai and Kia. This feature enables easy resolution of software errors without the need for OE equipment, saving time and improving efficiency.

With the X10, generating diagnostic reports is a breeze. The tool automatically scans the VIN and with a single click, technicians can create comprehensive diagnosis reports quickly and efficiently. Printing can be done wirelessly, simplifying the process even further.

The X10 offers extensive functionality, including full system diagnosis for reading every module and parameter, 28 service functions for performing service resets and various tasks such as brake application and AdBlue reset, live data visualization with numeric, graphical, and recording features, and a wide range of special functions like DPF regeneration and pilot teach-in.

Furthermore, the X10 excels in encoding capabilities. It can save, restore, and retrieve online encodings from the OE database, enabling technicians to perform coding tasks efficiently. It even supports personalization options for certain brands, allowing adjustments such as start/stop functionality.

Additionally, the X10 supports reading vehicles with a secure gateway, including Fiat, Chrysler, and Alfa Romeo cars, with the necessary registration assistance available if required.

The THINKTOOL X10 is the ultimate diagnostic tool for technicians who require advanced remote diagnostic capabilities, comprehensive OE-level diagnosis, programming functionalities, and a wide range of service functions. With its powerful features, intuitive interface, and extensive vehicle coverage, the X10 empowers technicians to efficiently diagnose and resolve issues, saving time and enhancing customer satisfaction.



1 review for THINKCAR X10 Remote Programming Tool Video – Call – Text

  1. Ben

    I was impressed with my Master 2 so sent for the next one up . Great tool thanks Luke

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