AUTEL EV Diagnostics Upgrade Kit for 909 919 and Ultra

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EV Diag Box & Adapters for Battery Pack Diagnostics

The EV Diagnostics Upgrade Kit includes EV Diag Box and adapters for specific electric vehicles to perform battery pack analysis. The EV Diag Box is compatible with the MaxiSys Ultra,  MaxiSys Ultra ADAS,  MaxiSys MS919, and MaxiSys MS909 tablets. EV Diag Box connects to Maxi-Flash VCI or VCMI.

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The AUTEL EV Diagnostics Upgrade is a comprehensive kit designed for battery pack diagnostics in electric vehicles. This upgrade kit includes the EV Diag Box and adapters specifically tailored for analyzing battery packs in various electric vehicle models. With the EV Diagnostics Upgrade, technicians can accurately assess the state of charge and state of health of electric vehicle batteries, providing crucial insights into their true condition.

The core component of this upgrade is the EV Diag Box, which is fully compatible with the MaxiSys Ultra, MaxiSys Ultra ADAS, MaxiSys MS919, and MaxiSys MS909 tablets. By connecting the EV Diag Box to the Maxi-Flash VCI or VCMI, technicians gain access to advanced diagnostic capabilities for battery pack analysis. This allows them to perform in-depth assessments and obtain valuable data on the battery’s performance and health.

The kit includes a range of adapters specifically designed for popular electric vehicle models such as BMW, Tesla, and VW. These adapters ensure seamless and accurate communication between the EV Diag Box and the targeted electric vehicle, enabling technicians to retrieve precise information about the battery pack’s condition.

To enhance portability and convenience, the EV Diagnostics Upgrade Kit comes with a durable carrying case. This allows technicians to safely store and transport the EV Diag Box, adapters, and breakout leads, ensuring that the tools are readily available whenever and wherever they are needed.

With the AUTEL EV Diagnostics Upgrade, technicians gain the capability to perform comprehensive battery pack diagnostics on electric vehicles. By analyzing the state of charge and state of health, they can accurately assess the condition of the battery and make informed decisions regarding maintenance, repair, or replacement. This upgrade is a valuable addition to the MaxiSys Ultra series products, empowering technicians to provide top-notch diagnostic services for electric vehicles and ensure optimal performance of their battery systems.


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