AUTEL Maxidas DS808BT

£900.00 + VAT

The all new DS808BT is Autel’s base Pro-Range tool. The DS808BT is the ‘little brother’ of the MaxiSys MS906 and both tools share very similar software, making the DS808BT fabulous value for money.

The all new DS808EU Software Edition is Autel’s base Pro-Range tool. The DS808EU is the ‘little brother’ of the MaxiSys MS906 and both tools share very similar software, making the DS808EU fabulous value for money. The MaxiDAS DS808EU, is a smaller tablet than the MS906, with 7″ touch colour screen.


Introducing the Autel Maxidas DS808BT, a cutting-edge diagnostic tool equipped with 2 years of updates and a UK warranty. This Bluetooth-enabled version is a sibling to our best-selling DS808EU model, offering the same exceptional software performance. The DS808BT is part of Autel’s Pro-Range lineup and shares similarities with the renowned MaxiSys MS906, making it an excellent value for money investment.

The all-new DS808EU Software Edition is another addition to Autel’s Pro-Range tools. Serving as the little brother to the MaxiSys MS906, it boasts similar software capabilities and delivers outstanding value. With its compact design and 7″ touch screen, the MaxiDAS DS808BT provides a user-friendly experience.

Powered by a robust 4-core processor, the Autel Maxidas DS808BT offers a vivid 7″ color touch screen, a built-in lithium battery, and ample 32GB memory. As a smaller tablet compared to the MS906, it doesn’t come with pre-OBD connectors. However, this streamlining allows us to significantly reduce the price, ensuring our customers receive the best value possible. The long-awaited successor to the DS708 Compact has finally arrived!

The Autel Maxidas DS808BT is self-powered and connects to the vehicle via a cable, providing extensive diagnostic capabilities. It’s the ultimate tool for busy garages in need of the latest technology at an affordable price point, surpassing performance expectations without breaking the bank. Elevate your garage’s diagnostic capabilities with the DS808BT, striking the perfect balance between cutting-edge performance and cost-effectiveness. With its unrivaled features and reliability, it’s a must-have for any automotive professional looking to deliver top-notch service. Upgrade to the Autel Maxidas DS808BT and experience the future of automotive diagnostics at an unbeatable price.


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