AUTEL ITS600 All In One TPMS Tool

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The Autel UK Maxi TPMS ITS600 is a wireless, touchscreen Android-based tablet that offers complete TPMS diagnostics and service functions. The tablet features a 5.5-inch color display and Bluetooth vehicle communication interface (VCI). Compatible with UK, U.S, Asian and European TPMS-equipped vehicles, the ITS600 features an enhanced TPMS status screen, VINscan for rapid vehicle identification, four MX-Sensor programming options, OBDII relearn functionality and onscreen relearn instructions for all vehicles. The ITS600 can activate, read and relearn all known sensors, perform TPMS system diagnostics and four common maintenance services. Additionally, it provides DOT number scan, tire expiration notice, and access to recall lookup. The ITS600 is compatible with TBE200/TBE100 Tire Tread & Brake Disc Wear Analysis tool, sold separately. By providing an extensive series of tire-related features and functions, ITS600 is your ideal choice to complete TPMS and tire health work. EVERYTHING TPMS SOLUTIONS

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The AUTEL ITS600 is a cutting-edge wireless TPMS diagnostic and service tablet that offers a comprehensive range of features and functions. Powered by Android and equipped with a user-friendly 5.5-inch color touchscreen display, this advanced tool provides complete TPMS diagnostics and service capabilities.

Designed to be compatible with a wide range of TPMS-equipped vehicles from the UK, U.S, Asia, and Europe, the ITS600 offers an enhanced TPMS status screen that provides a quick overview of the system’s health. With the VINscan feature, technicians can rapidly identify the vehicle, streamlining the diagnostic process.

The ITS600 supports four different programming options for Autel’s MX-Sensor, which allows technicians to easily replace 99% of OE sensors. It also provides OBDII relearn functionality for most vehicles, making the relearning process faster and more efficient. Onscreen relearn instructions are available for all vehicles, ensuring technicians have clear guidance during the relearn process.

The tool’s versatility extends beyond TPMS activation and programming. It can also perform TPMS system diagnostics, read and clear TPMS system codes, and view live data, providing a comprehensive view of the TPMS system’s performance. Additionally, the ITS600 offers four common maintenance services, including tire pressure placard value reset.

To further enhance its functionality, the ITS600 includes a wireless Bluetooth vehicle communication interface (VCI). This allows for seamless communication between the tablet and the vehicle, ensuring accurate and reliable data transmission.

The tool also offers convenient features such as DOT number scan, tire expiration notice, and access to recall lookup, providing technicians with important information related to tire safety and maintenance.

For those who require additional tire-related analysis, the ITS600 is compatible with the TBE200/TBE100 Tire Tread & Brake Disc Wear Analysis tool, which can be purchased separately. This integration allows for a more comprehensive assessment of tire health.

To ensure the ITS600 remains up to date, it offers free Wi-Fi software updates for the life of the tool. This guarantees that technicians always have access to the latest software enhancements and vehicle coverage.

With its extensive range of TPMS-related features and functions, the AUTEL ITS600 is the ultimate solution for complete TPMS diagnostics and tire health work. It empowers technicians to perform accurate and efficient TPMS services, ensuring optimal tire performance and safety for vehicles.


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