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THINKCAR EV Diagnostic Tool & Equipment – Service Centre – Workshop Package – Electric / Hybrid Vehicles

£12,735.00 + VAT

THINKCAR EVC201 EV Insulation Resistance Tester

THINKCAR EVD CE  Intelligent EV diagnostics

THINKCAR  EV Battery lift EVP501

THINKCAR EV Battery Pack Modular Equaliser EVP802 Cell Balancer


THINKCAR EVC201 EV Insulation Resistance Tester 

Commonly referred to as megohmmeters, shake meters, high resistance meters, or insulation resistance testers, the Thinkcar EVC201 is a cutting-edge device designed to gauge insulation resistance. This measurement specifically targets the insulation resistance between the live component and the exposed non-live metal section (case). The utilization of an insulation tester during assessments contributes significantly to safeguarding the well-being of maintenance personnel.

Key Features:

  1. Insulation Resistance Measurement: The Thinkcar EVC201 excels in measuring insulation resistance, offering reliable results.
  2. Voltage Measurement Innovation: In a pioneering move, the Thinkcar EVC201 introduces a voltage measurement function, enhancing its versatility.
  3. Standard Resistance Equipped: The device comes equipped with standard resistance, facilitating a comparison measurement mode. This mode ensures that the measured resistance aligns with the standard resistance, thereby guaranteeing measurement accuracy.
  4. Multiple Measurement Modes:
    • Timing Measurement: Enables precise measurement at specific intervals.
    • Comparison Measurement: Compares measured resistance with standard resistance for accuracy verification.
    • Continuous Measurement: Allows for uninterrupted and extended measurement sessions.
    • Omnidirectional Measurement: Offers comprehensive measurement coverage.

Invest in the Thinkcar EVC201 for a comprehensive and innovative solution to insulation resistance testing, prioritizing both accuracy and personnel safety.

Output voltage    500V、1000V

Insulation resistance    500V:1MΩ~20MΩ、1000V:1MΩ~40GΩ

Short-circuit current    <1.8mA

How it is displayed    LCD display, upload data to the Pad via USB


THINKCAR EVD CE  Intelligent EV diagnostics

In response to the ever-evolving landscape of vehicles in the UK, we recognize the need to adapt to market demands. Introducing the THINKTOOL CE EVD, a ground breaking intelligent diagnostics tool tailored for electric vehicles. The CE EVD represents a new generation of diagnostic solutions, offering comprehensive full-system diagnostics and battery pack analysis for a broad spectrum of electric vehicle brands, including the renowned Tesla.

Key Features of the THINKTOOL CE EVD:

– Versatile 3-IN-1 THINKDIAG 4 VCI: This powerful diagnostic tool is equipped with a 3-IN-1 THINKDIAG EV, enabling diagnostics via OBD and battery pack analysis.

– OE-Level Diagnostics: The CE EVD leverages cutting-edge cloud diagnosis technology for electric vehicles, facilitating rapid and precise fault identification. It supports full system scanning, battery pack diagnostics, ECU coding, and a range of special functions.

 Integrated Special Functions: It encompasses over 30 commonly used special functions, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of technicians and mechanics.

Hardware Specifications:

 Large 10-inch Screen: The device features a spacious 10-inch screen for enhanced visibility and ease of use.

– Robust Battery: Powered by a 12600mAh/3.7V battery, it ensures extended usage without the need for frequent recharging.

 Ample RAM/ROM: Boasts 4GB of RAM and a generous 128GB of storage, ensuring efficient performance and storage capacity.

– High-Quality Camera: Equipped with an 8MP rear camera to support diagnostic tasks.

 Operating System: Runs on Android 10.0, offering a stable and user-friendly platform for diagnostics.

The THINKTOOL EV MASTER is another innovative addition to our intelligent diagnostics tool lineup, designed specifically for electric vehicles. Similar to the CE EVD, the EV MASTER delivers comprehensive full-system diagnostics and battery pack analysis for an extensive array of electric vehicle brands, including Tesla. It also features the powerful 3-IN-1 THINKDIAG EV for diagnostics via OBD and battery pack analysis.

In a rapidly changing automotive landscape, THINKTOOL remains at the forefront, providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the diagnostic needs of modern electric vehicles.


THINKCAR EV Battery lift EVP501

The EVP501 is a versatile lift tailored for electric vehicle battery replacements and routine maintenance tasks.

This compact lift is specifically crafted for constrained workspaces, ensuring safe and efficient operation, facilitated by a mechanical safety interlock.

Highlighted Features:

Facilitates battery pack removal and serves as dedicated lifting support.

Effortlessly raised and lowered via an electric controller, backed by a secure mechanical safety lock.

Constructed from durable tubular steel, ensuring resilience against tearing, abrasion, and shock absorption.

Capable of lifting a maximum weight of 1500 kg with a maximum lifting height of 1785 mm.

Autonomous operation powered by a 10V battery for added convenience.


THINKCAR EV Battery Pack Modular Equaliser EVP802 Cell Balancer

Introducing Battery Balancing by Thinkcar: Your Ultimate Solution for Electronic Vehicle Testing and Offline Diagnostics

Coming soon from Thinkcar, EVP802 is set to revolutionize electronic vehicle testing and offline diagnostics. This innovative system is designed to provide stable high-voltage and low-voltage power supplies for off-vehicle testing, catering to the needs of the rapidly evolving world of electronic vehicles. With outstanding specifications and an intuitive interface, EVP802 is poised to redefine your approach to electronic vehicle diagnostics.

Key Specifications:

– Power Input: AC90-260V (40-60Hz)

– Charge/Discharge Voltage Range: 1.8-4.2V

– Voltage Detection Accuracy: ±2mV (MAX: 5V)

– Charge/Discharge Current Range: 0.1-5A (MAX)

– Current Detection Accuracy: ±0.05A (MAX: 5A)

– Battery Temperature Detection Accuracy: ±2°C (-25°C-85°C)

– Modules Supported: 2 Modules (1 Module supports a maximum of 12 batteries)

– Charge/Discharge Power: Maximum 600W

– Battery Interface: 16Pin, 24Pin

– Screen Size: 7-inch

– Communication: Via TCP/IP, USB-Device

– Charge/Discharge Data Inquiry: Histogram, data table

– Size: 496x246x262 mm

– Weight: 14kg

Unleash the Power of Thinkcar:

– High-Voltage and Low-Voltage Power Supply: EVP802 provides stable power supply solutions for both high-voltage and low-voltage requirements, ensuring your ability to conduct a wide range of electronic vehicle testing scenarios with ease.

– Precision and Accuracy: With exceptional voltage and current detection accuracy, EVP802 offers precise and reliable results that you can trust.

– Temperature Control: Battery temperature detection accuracy ensures safe testing even in extreme conditions, ranging from -25°C to 85°C.

– Versatile Module Support: EVP802 supports up to 2 modules, allowing you to work with a maximum of 12 batteries simultaneously.

– Intuitive Interface: The 7-inch screen offers a clear and user-friendly interface, making your operations seamless and efficient.

– Multiple Communication Options: Connect via TCP/IP or USB-Device for easy and efficient data transfer.

– Comprehensive Data Inquiry: Access charge/discharge data through histograms and data tables, providing valuable insights for diagnostics and testing.

– Compact and Portable: EVP802 maintains a manageable size and weight despite its powerful capabilities, ensuring convenience and flexibility in various settings.

Thinkcar is the future of electronic vehicle testing and offline diagnostics. Stay tuned for its arrival, and get ready to experience a new era of precision, versatility, and convenience in the world of electric vehicle testing.


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