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THINKCAR Video Scope – Euro Master – Euro Max – Master X

£95.00 + VAT

Thinktool Thinkcar Video Scope HD Video scope module

1500mm Super long customised and hardwire coil, flexible and adaptable to harsh environments.

Great little camera to compliment your Thinktool master 2 or SE .

Introducing the Thinkcar Video Scope: Unveiling Hidden Depths with Visual Inspection.

The Thinkcar Video Scope is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool designed to provide visual inspection capabilities in the world of automotive diagnostics. This innovative device combines a high-definition camera with a flexible probe to capture real-time images and videos of hard-to-reach areas within a vehicle’s systems. With its advanced features and exceptional image quality, the Video Scope takes diagnostic capabilities, with your THINKTOOL Euro Master 2 or THINKTOOL Euro Master SE, to a whole new level.

One of the key advantages of the Thinkcar Video Scope is its versatility. The flexible 1500mm Super long customised and hardwire coil, flexible and adaptable to harsh environments. This probe allows technicians to navigate through tight spaces, engine compartments, and other inaccessible areas with ease. By visually inspecting critical components, such as engine internals, electrical connections, and intake systems, technicians can identify potential issues, such as loose wires, corrosion, or leaks, that may not be visible through traditional diagnostic methods.

The high-definition camera of the Video Scope ensures crystal-clear image and video capture, providing technicians with a detailed visual representation of the inspected area. This allows for precise analysis and accurate diagnosis, leading to efficient repairs and improved customer satisfaction.

In addition to its visual inspection capabilities, the Video Scope offers various useful features. The adjustable LED lights on the probe illuminate dark areas, ensuring optimal visibility during inspections. The device also allows technicians to capture images and videos, which can be saved for documentation or shared with clients and colleagues for further analysis and collaboration.

The Video Scope seamlessly integrates with the Thinkcar diagnostic platform, enhancing the overall diagnostic experience. Technicians can view the live feed from the Video Scope directly on their Thinkcar diagnostic tool, enabling real-time analysis and instant feedback.

In summary, the Thinkcar Video Scope is a powerful diagnostic tool that unleashes the power of visual inspection. With its flexible probe, high-definition camera, and integration with the Thinkcar diagnostic platform, technicians can explore hidden depths and uncover issues that may be overlooked through traditional diagnostic methods. Embrace the power of visual inspection with the Video Scope and elevate your automotive diagnostics to new heights.


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