AUTEL ADAS Basic Frame package

£7,995.00 + VAT

Autel ADAS Basic Frame package

ADAS software for existing Autel MS908, MS909S, MS908SPro, MS908Pro, MS909, MS919, Ultra and Elite Owners Incl. FOC if in software subscription period.


Autel ADAS Basic Frame package

ADAS software for existing Autel MS908, Autel MS909S, Autel MS908SPro, Autel MS908Pro, Autel MS909, Autel MS919, Autel Ultra and Autel Elite Owners Incl. FOC if in software subscription period.

Using the Autel ADAS software, technicians can access a wide range of calibration procedures and targets for various vehicle makes and models. Whether it’s lane departure warning (LDW), adaptive cruise control (ACC), or other ADAS features, the software allows technicians to perform precise calibrations to ensure optimal performance and safety.

The package includes the main frame and wheel clamps (10000851), which provide a stable and secure platform for calibrating the vehicle’s ADAS components. These components ensure that the vehicle remains in the correct position during the calibration process, preventing any inaccuracies that could affect the ADAS system’s functionality.

Additionally, the package includes the VAG-LDW Board (CSC0601/01) for calibrating Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) vehicles with lane departure warning systems. This board enables technicians to perform accurate calibrations specific to VAG vehicles, ensuring that the ADAS system operates as intended.

To assist with reflective target positioning, the package includes the CSC0602/01 Reflector and the CSC0602/06 Hex Wrench. These components enable technicians to adjust and position the reflective targets precisely, ensuring that they align with the vehicle’s ADAS sensors for accurate calibration.

Lastly, the package includes the CSC0602/07 Mini Reflector, which is a smaller-sized reflector that can be used in tight spaces or when calibrating specific ADAS features. Its compact design allows for flexibility and accessibility during the calibration process.

10000851 Main Frame and Wheel Clamps and VAG-LDW Board (CSC0601/01)

CSC0602/01 Reflector

CSC0602/06 Hex Wrench

CSC0602/07 Mini Reflector

By investing in the Autel ADAS Basic Frame package, automotive technicians can expand their diagnostic capabilities and offer comprehensive ADAS services to their customers. With the right hardware and software components, they can ensure accurate calibrations, enhance safety features, and maintain the optimal performance of ADAS systems in a wide range of vehicles.


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