AUTEL ADAS Dynamic Adjustment Subscriptions

£850.00 + VAT

Autel ADAS Dynamic Adjustment subscriptions

This item allows Dynamic adaptions to be added to your UK spec MS908, MS908S, MS908Pro, MS908Spro, MS909, MS919, and Autel Ultra. Please email us your serial number and Uk support tag on checkout.


The Autel ADAS Dynamic Adjustment subscriptions offer a convenient solution for automotive technicians looking to enhance their diagnostic capabilities and provide dynamic calibrations for various vehicle models. This subscription is compatible with UK-spec Autel diagnostic tools, including the Autel MS908, Autel MS908S, Autel MS908Pro, Autel MS908Spro, Autel MS909, Autel MS919, and Autel Ultra. Customers are required to provide their serial number and UK support tag during the checkout process.

By adding the Autel ADAS Dynamic Adjustment subscription to their tools, technicians gain access to a range of dynamic adaptations for specific vehicle brands such as Volvo, JLR (Jaguar Land Rover), BMW, Ford, LDW (Lane Departure Warning), and more. These dynamic calibrations allow for real-time adjustments to be made while the vehicle is in motion, ensuring accurate calibration under optimal driving conditions.

The Autel ADAS software simplifies the calibration process with its user-friendly interface and graphical instructions. Technicians are guided step-by-step through the calibration procedure, making it easier to perform dynamic adjustments and achieve precise calibration results.

During dynamic calibration, also known as mobile calibration, the vehicle is driven for a specified distance, at a specific speed, and in ideal weather conditions. A handheld device is attached to the vehicle during the test to aid in the calibration process. This device, in conjunction with the Autel ADAS software, helps technicians monitor and adjust the vehicle’s ADAS components to ensure accurate alignment and functionality.

By subscribing to the Autel ADAS Dynamic Adjustment, automotive technicians gain the ability to provide advanced dynamic calibrations for various vehicle systems. This ensures that ADAS features, such as lane departure warning, function optimally, enhancing overall safety and driving experience. With clear instructions and real-time adjustments, technicians can confidently perform dynamic calibrations and offer comprehensive ADAS services to their customers.


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