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THINKCAR TPMS Valves 4 Pack Metal or Rubber

£100.00 + VAT

Dual frequency integration, 315MHz and 433MHz.

Covering up to 98% of vehicles.

Attention: to program these sensors you need have special ThinkCar tools.

Good alternative to OE sensors, easy installation with unlimited programming functions and 4-6 year battery life.

Equipped with advanced chip and tyre pressure valve accurate to 0.1 bar.

Introducing the THINKCAR TPMS Valves 4 Pack, a high-quality and reliable solution for your TPMS needs. These valves are designed with dual frequency integration, supporting both 315MHz and 433MHz, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles. With coverage for up to 98% of vehicles, you can trust that these TPMS valves will meet your requirements.

Please note that to program these sensors, you will need special ThinkCar TPMS tools. These tools are specifically designed to work seamlessly with the THINKCAR TPMS Valves, enabling you to efficiently program and configure them according to your vehicle’s specifications. The integration of these valves with the ThinkCar tools ensures a streamlined and accurate programming process, providing you with peace of mind and optimal performance.

Compatible tools:


The THINKCAR TPMS Valves offer a great alternative to OE sensors. They are easy to install and come with unlimited programming functions, allowing you to customize and adjust the settings as needed. With a battery life of 4-6 years, you can rely on these valves to provide long-lasting and consistent performance.

Equipped with advanced chips and a precision-engineered tyre pressure valve accurate to 0.1 bar, these TPMS valves deliver accurate and reliable pressure readings. This ensures that you can monitor and maintain the correct tyre pressure, promoting safety, fuel efficiency, and tyre longevity.

We offer two types of TPMS valves: rubber stem and metal stem. When placing your order, please specify your preference so that we can fulfill your request accordingly. Both options are designed to meet high standards of quality and durability, ensuring reliable performance in various driving conditions.

Investing in the THINKCAR TPMS Valves 4 Pack provides you with a reliable and efficient solution for your TPMS needs. With their dual frequency integration, wide vehicle coverage, and compatibility with ThinkCar TPMS tools, these valves offer convenience, accuracy, and performance. Choose the right valve type for your vehicle and experience the benefits of accurate and reliable TPMS monitoring.

Attention: to program these sensors you need have special ThinkCar TPMS tools.

We stock two types. Rubber stem and Metal stem. Please let us know at time of ordering which is requirred.


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