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THINKCAR Thermal Printer – Euro Master SE – Euro Master 2 – Master X

£135.00 + VAT

Thermal printer to work with Thinkcar master 2, this will print a nice diagnostic report as well as QR code you can then scan for full PDF Report. 

Introducing the THINKCAR Thermal Printer: Enhancing Efficiency and Convenience in Automotive Diagnostics with your Euro Master SE, or Euro Master 2 

The THINKCAR Thermal Printer is a compact and portable printing solution specifically designed to complement the diagnostic capabilities of THINKCAR tools. With its efficient thermal printing technology, this printer offers a hassle-free way to generate hard copies of diagnostic reports, allowing technicians to document and share vital information with ease.

One of the key advantages of this Thermal Printer is its speed and simplicity. With thermal printing, there is no need for ink or toner cartridges. Instead, the printer utilizes heat-sensitive paper that produces high-quality prints quickly. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with traditional printing supplies and reduces maintenance requirements.

The portability of the THINKCAR Thermal Printer makes it an invaluable tool for technicians working on the go. Its compact size and lightweight design ensure easy transportation, allowing technicians to bring the printer to the vehicle or workbench effortlessly. This means that diagnostic reports can be printed and shared right at the location, saving time and improving overall workflow efficiency.

In addition to its portability, the THINKCAR Thermal Printer offers seamless compatibility with THINKCAR diagnostic tools. By connecting the printer directly to a compatible THINKCAR device, technicians can conveniently print diagnostic reports without the need for additional equipment or complex setups. This integration streamlines the printing process and enhances the overall diagnostic experience.

Furthermore, the THINKCAR Thermal Printer supports customizable printing options. Technicians can choose to include essential details such as vehicle information, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), live data readings, and test results in the printed reports. This customization ensures that the printed reports are tailored to meet specific requirements and provide a comprehensive overview of the diagnostic findings.

Additionally, the THINKCAR Thermal Printer offers the convenient feature of printing a QR code alongside the diagnostic report. This QR code provides a quick and efficient way to access the full diagnostic report digitally. By scanning the QR code with a smartphone or tablet, technicians and clients can instantly view the complete details of the diagnostic findings, including in-depth data, graphs, and recommendations. This digital accessibility eliminates the need for carrying around physical copies of the report and ensures that crucial information is readily available whenever and wherever it is needed. The inclusion of a QR code further enhances the versatility and accessibility of the Thermal Printer, enabling seamless integration between printed and digital diagnostic reports. Whether it’s for internal record-keeping or sharing diagnostic results with customers, the QR code functionality adds a modern touch to the printing process and facilitates efficient data management in the automotive diagnostics field.

In summary, the THINKCAR Thermal Printer is a valuable addition to any automotive diagnostics toolkit. Its thermal printing technology, portability, and seamless compatibility with THINKCAR tools make it an efficient and convenient solution for generating diagnostic reports. Experience enhanced efficiency and convenience in automotive diagnostics with the THINKCAR Thermal Printer.


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