POWERHAND 19pc Torx Plus EP Master Socket Set SIN-900.0150

£50.95 + VAT

Applications Include

Brake Caliper Bolts , Cylinder Head Bolts

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  • Applications Include brake calliper bolts & cylinder head bolts
  • Maximum Engagement with no cam out
  • Extended Tool & Fastener Life also compatible with standard torx

Technical Specification

  • Manufactured from Cr-Mo sizes EP26 – EP32
  • Manufactured from Cr-V sizes EP4 – EP24


  • 1/4″ Sizes EP4, EP5, EP6, EP7, EP8
  • 3/8″ Sizes EP10, EP11, EP12, EP14, EP16
  • 1/2″ Sizes EP18, EP20, EP22. EP24, EP26, EP28, EP30, EP32
  • 1/2″ 5Pt Specialist EP8.8 for the removal of battery covers on Tesla models


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