HUBITOOLS Articulated Strut Lifter HU43025

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Hubitools Articulated Strut Lifter HU43025

  • Supports the strut on the vehicle: 500Kg
  • To be mounted on 30mm Hydraulic transmission jack
  • POM (polyoxymethylene) clamping jaws to avoid damage to the strut. 3 Sizes of Jaws (Light vehicle , Light commercial vehicle, rear shock absorbers)
  • Depth and tilt adjustment

Ideal for the following operations:

  • Removal and installation of struts
  • Removal and installation of drive shaft
  • Removal and installation of arms and Hub ball joint separation
  • 100% safe work
  • Operator has both hands free to work safely.

No risk of damage to:

  • Sensors
  • Wiring harness
  • Plastic protection, Body
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Introducing the Hubitools Articulated Strut Lifter HU43025, a versatile and reliable tool designed to provide exceptional support for struts during various automotive operations. With its robust construction and innovative features, this strut lifter is a must-have for any professional mechanic or automotive enthusiast.

The HU43025 is specifically engineered to support struts on vehicles, with a maximum load capacity of 500kg. It is designed to be mounted on a 30mm hydraulic transmission jack, ensuring stability and secure positioning during use. This combination of the strut lifter and hydraulic jack provides a powerful and efficient solution for handling struts during removal and installation procedures.

To protect the integrity of the struts, the HU43025 is equipped with POM (polyoxymethylene) clamping jaws. These high-quality jaws are carefully designed to prevent damage to the struts, ensuring that they remain in pristine condition throughout the lifting process. The strut lifter includes three different sizes of jaws, catering to various vehicle types, including light vehicles, light commercial vehicles, and rear shock absorbers. This versatility allows for precise and secure clamping, regardless of the specific strut being worked on.

One of the standout features of the HU43025 is its depth and tilt adjustment capability. This feature enables operators to achieve optimal positioning and alignment when working on struts, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy. The lifter proves particularly useful during a range of operations, such as the removal and installation of struts, drive shafts, and arms, as well as hub ball joint separation. These operations can be performed with ease and precision, thanks to the HU43025’s reliable support and adjustability.

Safety is paramount when working on vehicles, and the HU43025 ensures 100% safe work practices. By utilizing this strut lifter, the operator gains the freedom to work with both hands, eliminating the need to support or stabilize the strut manually. This ergonomic design significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, allowing for a more efficient and secure work environment.

Moreover, the HU43025 offers additional protection by preventing damage to sensitive components of the vehicle. With this strut lifter, there is no risk of compromising sensors, wiring harnesses, or plastic protections. The precise and controlled support provided by the lifter ensures that these crucial elements remain intact and unharmed during the lifting process.

In summary, the Hubitools Articulated Strut Lifter HU43025 is a reliable and versatile tool that facilitates safe and efficient operations related to struts. With its load-bearing capacity, compatibility with hydraulic transmission jacks, POM clamping jaws, adjustability, and focus on operator safety, this strut lifter is an essential addition to any automotive workshop or enthusiast’s garage. Invest in the HU43025 for hassle-free and damage-free strut handling, allowing you to perform various tasks with confidence and precision.


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