Adblue® filling station HU46023

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This new station, easily transportable thanks to the 2 large wheels, allows the filling of the AdBlue® safely in any vehicle’s tanks.

The reservoir has a capacity of 45liters.

The station is fully pneumatic. The filling of the station is done thanks to the venturi and the filling of the vehicle’s tank is done on pressure. No need of 230V power.

The innovative system avoids the risk of contamination, waste, evaporation, and leaks of AdBlue®.

Closed system: The Ad Blue liquid will never be in contact with any exterior agents


Air power 4 / 9 Bar

Filling flow of the vehicle reservoir 18l/min

Filling of the tank of the station 6l/min

45l Stainless steel reservoir with level indicator

Suction tube

Security valve

Autonomy: Station can be disconnected and still be used to fill the vehicles. (Pressure manometer on the station)

No spilling of AdBlue® after filling thanks to the nozzle valve: avoids damage to paint and carpets.

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Introducing the revolutionary Adblue® filling station, a cutting-edge solution for safely and efficiently filling AdBlue® in vehicle tanks. This portable station is designed with two large wheels, making it easily transportable to any location where AdBlue® refilling is required.

The station boasts a spacious reservoir with a generous capacity of 45 liters, ensuring an ample supply of AdBlue® for multiple fillings. Its fully pneumatic system eliminates the need for a 230V power source, as the station’s filling process is powered by air pressure. This innovative venturi-based system enables efficient and controlled filling of both the station’s tank and the vehicle’s reservoir, minimizing the risk of contamination, waste, evaporation, and leaks of AdBlue®.

One of the key advantages of this advanced filling station is its closed system design, which ensures that the AdBlue® liquid never comes into contact with any external agents. This closed system guarantees the integrity and purity of the AdBlue® throughout the entire filling process.

The Adblue® filling station comes equipped with several notable features to enhance convenience and efficiency. With an air power range of 4 to 9 Bar, it provides the necessary pressure for swift and effective filling. The vehicle reservoir filling flow reaches an impressive 18 liters per minute, while the station’s tank filling rate is 6 liters per minute. The 45-liter stainless steel reservoir includes a level indicator, enabling users to monitor the AdBlue® quantity at a glance. The station also incorporates a suction tube, a security valve, and a pressure manometer for additional safety and autonomy.

Moreover, the station’s nozzle valve ensures a spill-free filling experience, preventing any AdBlue® from inadvertently damaging paint surfaces or interior carpets after the filling process is complete.

With the Adblue® filling station, users can now enjoy a hassle-free, efficient, and secure method of refilling AdBlue® in vehicles, promoting environmental responsibility and maintaining the optimal performance of AdBlue®-dependent systems.


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